Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Free! Sahidic Coptic New Testament Resources

The Sahidica Project for e-Sword!

I have created three e-Sword addon modules, based on the work of J. Warren Wells' Sahidica Project. E-Sword is the popular freeware Bible software program (available for download here) written by Rick Myers.

The modules are:

1. Nova Sahidica - The complete Sahidic Coptic New Testament
2. The Sahidica Sahidic-English Lexicon
3. Nova Sahidica - Transliterated Version

You can download these free modules (and others in my Original Languages Library) here.

Thanks to J. Warren Wells for producing and making freely available his Sahidica texts, and for his approval of these modules.

By the way, Logos Bible Software has just announced the upcoming release of the Sahidic Coptic Collection, consisting of 3 volumes, also based on the Sahidica Project. This collection will consist of: Nova Sahidica, The Sahidica Sahidic-English Lexicon, and the reconstructed Greek Text from which the Sahidic translators worked. The list price for this collection is $129. But you can get two of these three resources today - plus the transliterated version - for free!